Do as Yuppie  
Other Bands/Groups
Air Supply Goodbye
At 17 The Best Is Yet To Come 最好的時光 衝衝衝
Bee Gees First Of May Melody Fair Staying Alive
Blur Beetlebum Song 2
Creed My Sacrifice
Dear Jane 哪裡只得我共你      
Eagles Hotel California I Can't Tell You Why
F. I. R. Lydia 我們的愛
Fool's Garden Lemon Tree
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out
Frente Bizarre Love Triangle
Green Day Basket Case Wake Me Up When September Ends Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Jet Look What You've Done
Ketchup Lovely Smile
LMF 大懶堂 無根草
Linkin Park In The End
Make-up Pegasus Fantasy
Maroon 5 This Love
Matzka 一朵花      
Metallica Nothing Else Matters The Unforgiven Turn The Page
Mr. Children 花 Memento Mori くるみ(Kurumi) Everything (It's You)
Muse Hyper Music Uno Can't Take My Eyes Off You Time Is Running Out
Nirvana Come As You Are Polly
Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger
On-Line 點夠喉
One Direction Night Changes      
Radiohead Creep      
Raidas 傾心
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication Snow (Hey Oh) Torture Me Turn It Again
RubberBand 最後...那 囍宴樂隊    
Run DMC Walk This Way
Savage Garden Santa Monica
Shine 燕尾蝶      
Simon & Garfunkel Sound Of Silence      
Skid Row Wasted Time
Soler 失魂
Stereophonics Traffic
Stone Sour Cardiff Zzyzx Rd.
Suede Everything Will Flow Saturday Night Trash
Sum 41 The Hell Song Some Say Pieces
Swing 1984
The Jaywalk 何も言えなくて...夏      
The Mama & Papa California Dreaming
USA For Africa We Are The World
WANDS 世界が終るまでは      
Yen Town Band My Way
天堂鳥 登陸太陽      
迪克與牛仔 原來你什麼都不要
草蜢 寶貝對不起 忘情森巴舞
動力火車 忠孝東路走九遍
咖啡因公園 人格障礙
野仔 中學生應該談戀愛      
軟硬天師 Encore
優客李林 不知所措 認錯
群星 同步過冬
蘇打綠 小情歌      
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